Rock Fakie

Amelia teaches you the first fundamental ramp trick: the Fakie Rock. This is the next trick to learn from the Kick Turn, bringing your Dropping In and Pumping skills together. To simplify learning this trick, Amelia explains that every trick has a rhythm. If you try to cheat the rhythm, you are more likely to fall. The most important thing when learning the rhythm of the Fakie Rock is having enough speed and getting your wheels over the coping and completely on the deck. Think of it like a teeter-totter, teetering forward, then teetering back. Amelia gives you step-by-step instruction to your foot placement and body position, to be sure you are always lifting your wheels up and over the coping, keeping them clear from catching. It's tempting to just squeak your wheels over the coping, and cheat the trick. Amelia helps you avoid this bad habit - a habit she had to fix too. With her pro insights, you'll gain the skills and confidence to take it to other features and new locations. Learning the Fakie Rock will unlock so many new tricks for you, like Rock and Roll, Frontside Rock, Half Cab Rock and Rolls, the list goes on.

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