Side By Side Video Analysis

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Side by Side Video Analysis

Video Analysis

Upload and compare your video to any of the tricks in the pro tutorial library. It’s really helpful to see how to technique matches up frame by frame alongside Chris Cole, Josh Kerr and Cam Zink.

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Pro Pick for Best Trick Uploaded

Crooked Grind

Congrats to Mike for the best pick by Chris Cole and being featured on Cole’s Instagram June 25th.


Congrats to Luciano for the best pick by Josh Kerr and being featured on Kerr’s Instagram June 24th.

Mountain Biking

Congrats to Chris for the best pick by Cam Zink and being featured on Zink’s Instagram June 25th.

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Video Analysis Uploads by The Stomp Community

Bermed Corner - Colton P.

Bermed Corner
Colton P.

Layback Snap - Kaye M.

Layback Snap
Kaye M.

Tre Flip - Brandon K.

Tre Flip
Brandon K.

Inward Nac - Ben B.

Inward Nac
Ben B.

Frontside Floater - Khalil S.

Frontside Floater
Khalil S.

Kickflip - Jame L.

Jame L.