About Stomp

Stomp Sessions is the world’s first and only action sports digital learning platform, providing access to learning from world champion athletes in Skateboarding, Surfing and Mountain Biking. Utilizing Chris Cole, Josh Kerr, Cam Zink and other top athletes from each genre, Stomp’s subscription provides Members access to 90+ Pro Tutorial Videos, personalized Digital Coaching and DIY Tools. Stomp makes learning sports more convenient and affordable.

We believe athletes can learn and progress better at sports with simple access to the knowledge shared by elite pro athletes in documentary tutorial lessons and digital coaching, enabling aspiring sport enthusiasts around the globe, saving them time and money, while providing a personal connection to the champions of the sport.

For only $4.99/month Members receive unlimited access to Stomp’s Pro Tutorial Video library. Including access to book Online Digital Coaching and DIY Tools. Members also receive New Release content weekly (i.e. new tutorials and new sports).

Skateboarding is fueled by Chris Cole’s winning mindset and mechanics to learning, which have afforded him 2 x Thrasher Skater of the Year, SLS Supercrown title, 3 XGames Gold medals and game changing video parts. He also teaches many of the top pros today, including Leticia Bufoni’s personal Olympic coach. Having spent more than half his life as a professional skateboarder, Chris is ready to help you get better at skateboarding.

Surfing is fueled by Josh Kerr’s personal approach and analysis of surfing mechanics, helping you progress your skills with ease. Whether you are an avid ripper looking to hone your skills or you are a parent looking for personal coaching to help your kid progress, Josh has a meticulous brain when it comes to the technique of surfing that has earned him 2 x World Air Show Champion, Todos Santos Big Wave Champion and 10+ WSL top tens. He has given tips to up and coming groms like his daughter to guys winning events on the WSL level!

Mountain Biking is fueled by Cam Zink’s next level pro insights to learning, mindset and equipment that has earned him 2 x Crankworx Titles, Rampage Champion, FMB World Champion and numerous stand out video parts. He teaches you what it takes to be an athlete and progress your riding like a champion. Whether you are a grom just starting out, you are looking to advance your riding skills, or you are wanting to improve your slopestyle riding, Cam will help you improve your mountain bike skills.

The Stomp platform is built by action sports industry vets, XGames medalists and Silicon Valley tech vets, including a world class team of advisors from Alibaba, GoPro, Redbull, Snap, AirBnB, Lyft, Powell Peralta, Burton Snowboards and Channel Island Surfboards.

Improve your skills with Stomp Sessions by learning from world champion athletes. Anytime. Anywhere.