April 4, 2019 (Truckee, CA): Stomp Sessions brings you their latest Pro Quick Tip video tutorial of how to explore Squaw Valley’s 6000 acres of terrain: The Ultimate Tour of Squaw Valley: 3 Peaks + 5 Lifts + 7k Vertical. This insider’s guide helps you get the most out of Squaw for intermediate and advanced snowboarders and skiers, hitting a variety of terrain of 3 peaks, 5 lifts and 7000 feet of vertical. The tour is awesome for groups, families and the crew looking to accommodate varying skill and terrain levels, while all shredding together. Local’s refer to this tour as going around the horn. From groomers, glades and steeps, to terrain parks and 3 mile mountain run, this tour has it all for everyone. The tour takes 1.5 – 2 hours to complete. The Stomp Sessions website features a cool video tutorial for this tour, offering much more insider details from Local Pros. Video – Stomp Pro Quick Tip: The Ultimate Tour of Squaw Valley


The tour starts at the base of Squaw with the KT22 lift. Enjoy the ride up this incredible peak with awesome views of the terrain and people shredding below you. The tour will be taking the mellow way down KT around the back to the Saddle. When you depart the lift at the top, follow the signs for easy way down, leading you across the ridge to the Saddle. This run is typically groomed (except on powder days) and offers rolling cruiser run down to the Headwall lift. The terrain on either side of the groomer is great for advanced riders in your group looking for some gullies and chutes among the glades.
Meet at the Headwall lift.


The second lift on the tour is Headwall. This lift accesses expansive terrain for the advanced intermediate, while also being a connector to the upper mountain from KT22 without having to go to the base. At the top of the lift, head straight toward the patrol shack and stop to look at the Palisades (the prominent rock band above your view). Soak in the incredible view of Lake Tahoe view and the crown jewel of Squaw: The Palisades. Frequently you can watch the best skiers and riders in the world conquer The Palisades’ super advanced terrain, hoping to be featured in the next major ski or snowboard movie. After enjoying the view, follow the cat track from the patrol shack to below the Palisades into Chicken Bowl, then head down the groomers under the Siberia lift.
Meet at the Siberia Express lift.


The next lift on the tour is Siberia. This lift access one of the best Lake Tahoe views at Squaw Valley. At the top take a moment to get that group photo or pause to zen it all in. Then take the mellow cat track along the ridge to the Gold Coast groomers and terrain park. This zone offers a fun way to check out the action in the terrain park or enjoy the cruiser groomers. As you complete the main run you approach the Gold Coast lodge. This is a great time on the tour to take a brief break for restrooms, water or snack. After Gold Coast lodge, continue briefly down the Mountain Run following the signage to Big Blue Express lift.
Meet at the Big Blue Express lift.

Big Blue

This Big Blue lift is a great connector to the Shirley Lake zone. The lift has some of the most comfortable seats on the mountain and they come in handy right about now when you are over half way on the the tour. The views from the lift are pretty rad as you can look back to all the terrain you just rode, from KT to Headwall and Siberia. At the top, you will vear to the right and head along the ridge, then dropping off the backside into the Shirley Lake zone. The Shirley area has the most amount of intermediate groomers on the entire mountain, offering wide open runs with multiple options of similar pitch and slope. In the springtime you will might see the US Ski team training here. Follow any of the groomers down and you will arrive at the base of the Shirley lift. The more advanced people in your group will enjoy exploring the trees.
Meet at the Shirley Lake Express lift.


The final lift on the tour is The Shirley Lake Express which brings you back to the ridgeline to access the famous Mountain Run. The Mountain Run is a local favorite and an absolute blast to wrap up the tour, as the terrain is a playground for the entire 3 mile descent of mellow cruisers with features galore. From the top of the Shirley lift take the main groomer down toward the Gold Coast lodge, then follow the signage for Mountain Run. You will pass the Gold Coast, Siberia and Big Blue lifts as you meander down the valley. [note: alternate option along the way is hitting the Belmont Terrain Park before mountain run. To get there, take the Shirley ridgeline, go under Big Blue and across flat ridge to the top of Belmont]. The Mountain Run’s awesomeness will have you ready for more, or have you ready to kick your feet up and apres with your friends at the base.

Meet at the KT Sundeck.

Have a blast with your friends enjoying this tour of Squaw’s 3 peaks, 5 lifts and 7k vertical of shredding.

Check out the Stomp Sessions app featuring a cool video tutorial for this tour, offering much more details from Local Pros.


Stomp Sessions Ultimate Tour Of Squaw Valley:


Stomp Sessions Ultimate Tour Of Squaw Valley:

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