Today’s 4th annual Grom Skate Contest was action packed with kids blasting and putting impressive runs together. It was a day filled with an awesome community vibe raising money for the new Rocker Memorial Skatepark. Thanks and congrats to all the kids and sponsors making it happen. Big shout out to one of our skateboard ambassadors and instructors, Dave Burright, for coordinating the event and bringing everyone together. Also big high fives to one of our Skate Shop partners, Totally Board, and the owner Dana Burley for grilling burgers and dogs, keeping everyone full and quenched with cold drinks.

Stomp was a proud sponsor of this event, helping generate funds to build the new Rocker Memorial Skatepark. Check out to see the design, updates and donation page. The Truckee skate community is creating great momentum to bring this skatepark to a reality, with hopes to break ground Spring 2018. As a Give Back Partner of Stomp Sessions, a portion of each skate session at the Truckee Skatepark goes to this non-profit.

“Such an incredible day seeing the level of talent in the youth skaters. Awesome to watch eight year olds skating like they are in their mid-twenties with power, style and consistency. Its no wonder kids like CJ Collins are on the podium at Vans Park Series/US Open at age fourteen. Hyped to be part of this amazing community, supporting the progression of young skaters, our new skatepark and the future world champs of skateboarding.”

Ryan Williams
Co-Founder, Stomp Sessions

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Ryan Williams
Co-Founder / CEO
Stomp Sessions

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