Skateboard camps for beginners to advanced skaters are starting June 18 and will run weekly through August 24th

Oceanside, Calif. (April 17, 2018) — Stomp Sessions is offering skateboard camps at the MLK Skatepark with local experts including Aaron Astorga, Neal Mims, Jimmy Cao, and Marcelo Bastos.  Starting June 18th continuing through August 24th, summer camps will be weekly (Mon-Fri) from 9am-1pm. Stomp Summer Skate Camp uses a progression-based skill roadmap to help beginners learn the foundations of skateboarding, intermediate skaters progress their ollies, flips tricks and rails and advanced skaters take their skills to new levels with airs, ledges and flip trick combos. Camp sessions start at $299 and the price will increase after June 1st.

Stomp Sessions, a startup founded in 2016 in Truckee, Calif., started connecting skateboarders with pro skaters and local experts last year in Northern and Southern California for lessons, classes and ride with a pro experiences. Stomp entered the snowsports market with the partnership with Squaw Valley | Alpine Meadows announced in February with the ride with a pro experience.

Stomp also provides quick tips and digital training features on its mobile app, including a skills progression roadmap with pro quick tips with 2x Thrasher Skateboarder of the Year, Chris Cole. These short instructional videos break down skateboard tricks for learning and practicing on your own. The mobile app includes an innovative side-by-side video trainer to compare yourself against the proper technique demonstrated by Cole.

“One week of camp with Stomp Sessions was all I needed to be sold for life! My two daughters have had a wonderful experience with the amazing instructors and interactive app provided by Stomp Sessions. Stomp developed an app that gives action-sports participants and parents the opportunity to track progress through pictures, videos, and a skills-based checklist. My girls love seeing their progress and comparing their technique to the pros who post their videos within the app! Love what they are doing, can’t wait for the next session!”

Calli Kelsay, Founder/Director, Skate Rising


“We created Stomp Sessions to fill a need for kids who wanted to unlock the skills to have more fun at the skatepark. Our instructors use our pro-inspired skills progression matrix to help kids learn using the proper building blocks to safely progress. The Stomp skate camp kids had a blast this year and are looking forward to a full summer of skate camps at the MLK Skatepark.”

Ryan Williams, Co-Founder and CEO, Stomp Sessions

Stomp Sessions is also offering summer skateboard camps in its other locations in Southern California. The Stomp Sessions app is available for download in the App Store and Google Play stores.

About Stomp Sessions

Stomp Sessions is an action sports mobile and web platform for booking lessons, camps and sessions to ride with pro athletes in skateboarding, snowboarding and skiing. Stomp Pros range from Olympic and X Games medalists, including 2018 Olympic Gold medalist Jamie Anderson, to iconic industry legends and local pros. Each personalized session includes photo/video taken by your Stomp Pro, documenting you and your day, to share with friends and family. Stomp has a shared revenue model partnering with skateparks, ski resorts, pro athletes and community nonprofits. The most iconic Olympic and X Games medalists have joined Stomp as athlete advisors to validate and promote booking sessions, including Ryan Sheckler, Chris Cole, Jamie Anderson, Jeremy Jones, Chas Guldemond, JT Holmes, Julia Mancuso, Daron Rahlves, Cam Zink and Chuck Patterson. Stomp Skateboarding is available in Truckee and Southern California, providing lessons, classes and ride with a pro experiences. Stomp Snowboarding and Stomp Skiing is available in Lake Tahoe at Squaw Valley | Alpine Meadows, providing ride with a pro experiences. Stomp also offers a digital progression platform with Pro Quick Tips videos on the app. These videos provide insider secrets from the pros, sharing World Champion skills, enabling app users to learn from home. Download the Stomp Sessions app in Apple App Store or Google Play and Stomp Sessions website:


Photos of Stomp Sessions app and Stomp at Oceanside Skateparks


Ryan Williams
Co-Founder / CEO
Stomp Sessions