Skate with 2017 XGames silver medalist Marcelo Bastos at Alex Road in Oceanside Jan 2-5.

A 4 day program featuring 2017 XGames silver medalist Marcelo Bastos and Stomp Session Instructors.  Learn pro tips and tricks for both beginners and intermediate/advanced skateboarders. Choose from two 4 day programs – Dec. 18-21 and Jan. 2-5.

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Personalized Instruction

Pro level demonstration and feedback provides an optimal learning environment for skill progression.

Moments Captured

Photos and videos come with each session and skills that are mastered are stored in your personalized skate park skills matrix.

Progression Measured

Skateboarding skills that are mastered during each session are stored in a personalized skills matrix. This helps instructors understand each skaters ability, so the session can start at the appropriate level. This also provides the skater with a progression path for mastering and learning new skills.

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